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We brand Businesses

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. We want to create value, everyday through all our affiliate networks and partners. To be the preferred partner in all business applications

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading Advertising and Media agency in South Africa, then Africa. To increase our reach into a diversity of industries that form an all in one solution for all business

We understand Branding and Design,
From Web Design, Project Management to
Advertising and Everything in between.

Web Design

We create beautiful web designs for your business. Mobile and Web ready, also we offer tools to get your website optimized for google and compatible with all devices.


We offer printing solutions for all businesses. From the simple business card, to year end reports and published books. We also offer consultation for printing

Mobile Design

Did you know that over 70% of your clients use your services through mobile devices? We do mobile applications, integration and many other mobile related services for you.

Project Management

We do content management, project management and planning for business to business projects as well as government tender applications processing.


A beautiful website accomplishes little if no one gets to see it. The crucial part of business is in getting noticed by its target market. We offer solutions to get you seen.


We offer Facebook and Google advertising for businesses with 3 distinct service offerings to help you get your business more visible. Enquire with us for more details

More About Us

Mirari is a brand development company in Pretoria, South Africa that specializes in business design and branding.

Whatever your design needs are, you can count on Mirari designs to be the creative solution. We have extensive experience conceiving ideas, producing artwork for printed media and the web.

Not only do we understand you as a company, we understand you as a brand, hence positioning us to find a suitable, strong identity for your brand. Mirari Designs is a design firm that is a one stop solution for basic to complex levels of advertising and design. We focus on still graphics, video graphics and branding. As a small design firm, we have set out to deliver a complete package of perfect well rounded products in design. Our process starts with evaluating design need,formulating briefs, conceptualizing, and finalizing the design, development and delivery through strong market support, efficient quality control systems, unmatched product evelopment capabilities and delivery fulfilment. So we literally become your think tank and the main people on the spot to make sure your concept becomes real.

There is so much we can tell you about Mirari but our deepest passion is for change, not just to make a pretty picture but to change the way you see your business and its potential through branding. To go beyond mediocrity to success stories. The culmination of our passion and skill is the package called “Mirari”. Whenever we make a design for you as a partner, our goal is to make you excited about it and to make your partners love it the way you do.

Our greatest competitive advantage is customer service; we boast really high retention rates on old clients and very good impressions on new ones which makes us confident in our product and service. We assembled a group of gifted people and came up with a team that captures the essence of efficacy and excellence…

But most of all, we promise to deliver exceptional work. Work that shows lateral thinking and applied thought. Since every growing business should consider re-branding, we will give you that platform to express your new ideals as a dynamic growing business…

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