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Drive your business everywhere

One could literally buy a big pickup truck and put a billboard at the back and then drive, but that’s is not what I mean. I mean put colourful, creative, and eye-catching designs on your vehicle and then drive like you are the minister of transport. This week I had a debate with my creative director on how far we should go with the vehicle wrapping, according to his arguments how many people are going to remember the name of our company, fair enough but then I asked him if he has ever seen the vehicle with the toilet seat vehicle wrap and he said yes and he remembered the company name.

Mobile advertising is becoming one of the most cost-effective platforms of advertising to promote your business on a daily basis. Vehicle wrapping gives small-medium and even big companies a unique and creative way to advertise their services and brand. Vehicle wrapping gives stage for your company logo, company name, phone number, selling message to run on the streets of your target market.

24/7 and 365 days a year: Vehicle wrapping works for your brand awareness 24/7, 365 days per year, and delivers a consistent brand exposure. Vehicle mobile marketing exposes one’s business to commuters on the highways, city streets, sidewalks, and when the vehicle is parked.

Investment: For the cost of a billboard or television advertisement vehicle wrapping can last up to five years before any fading, wear or tear, adding value to your investment within your company. With this once-off cost, vehicle wrap will create an endless number of impressions and possibilities for increased brand consciousness among the public. Not only does one invest financially but with vehicle wrapping one investment in your own exclusive advertising space, this advertising space is not shared among other advertisers, your message will create visibility at its highest.

High brand awareness, Low cost: Vehicle wraps create a platform to attract more potential customers towards the business simultaneously done at a lower cost. With mobile marketing, it delivers the message to the target market and also the potential clients that have not yet considered your service.

No Maintenance: There is no extra costs involved with the maintenance of the vehicle design. Regular car washing keeps the vehicle wrap shiny and clean, even adding a benefit where one can apply a special wax to make the vehicle sparkle. The vinyl also leaves no threat to the paint of the vehicle and also allows for the possibility to change the graphics or any information on the vehicle.

Brand consistency: Wraps help to maintain a consistent look and feel because they serve as a brand element like any other Marketing channel.
I say this with full confidence, invest in vehicle wrapping, let your billboard drive with you everywhere, let your mobile billboard do its own talking, add something to look at in traffic.

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