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I am not talking about marriage counselor type or “how do you feel about it” scenarios, I am talking business motivation, business innovation even, encouraging a two-way interaction, what works, what doesn’t, what can be changed to improve a specific aspect or performance. What I am getting to is business mentoring, a mentor that will allow for inspiration, leadership insight, perspective, and expanding knowledge and awareness.

Business mentoring will activate your skills within your current role to groom your expertise to the next level, the main purpose of business mentoring is to help you as a business person to produce high-quality decisions for effective authority and productivity. Business mentoring helps organizations to retain their best people and increase staff loyalty.

Why you should have a business mentor?

Growth, business mentoring offer business growth and personal growth which all adds to the success of the business. This is a more focused approach to developing your business internally.
Development of self-knowledge and self-awareness, this is not where we sit and judge you. This is an open platform for understanding, support and even motivation for better, for success and growth.
Sharing of networks and contacts, sharing business knowledge of other companies that will be of good business venture and growth opportunity for your company, encouraging working relationships and possible discounts.
Business mentoring will rise aspects of your business which you might not have been aware of before, also offering informal or unmentioned advice that is not written or stated anywhere.
Offering an objective and impartial perspective of the company, giving a viewpoint from what the potential customer or target market views your business as.
Business mentoring opens the platform for business owners or managers to discuss and work through concerns or opportunity they might not want to expose to the shareholders or other business participants.

What it requires from you?

Commitment, commitment, and commitment. Commitment and dedication is key to any success, any business guru, “business for dummies” or business websites will tell you that.
Responsibility from your side, responsibility for the actions you take, responsibility for your leadership style and most of all your managerial actions.
Your personal touch and sense of comfort, whether you want the sessions to be formal, informal and how would you like the sessions to be structured.
Give honest options and feedback to the mentor, listen, and take action on what you guys both decide would be the best way to go forward for growth.
Have a measurement tool or objectives to keep track of the progress, record all issues or situations that had an influence on the business, whether it be positive or negative.

Do not get it confused.

As a mentor, we will offer solutions regarding your business issues but we will not solve your problems for you
As mentors, we will not tell you what to do but after great consultation hours and reflection on the business model we will, however, offer you a recommendation of improvement and how to get where you want to be

Mirari designs are now offering the service of business mentoring, we will listen, critically analyze, suggest action related activities, give and allow for feedback and where it’s needed, push business owners harder for success and productivity. Mirari offers a fresh perspective, helping you see the bigger picture when you’ve lost sight.

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