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The importance of video advertising

Video advertising is one of the most effective ways to advertise and communicate to your audience about your business in a fun, clean, and elaborative way. Many business owners tend to invest in all other forms of advertising and shy away from the video advertising process because they do not know the merits of this form of advertising.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and that’s true, but what about a series of pictures?
I would assume they would be worth millions of words?
Yes, that’s right I am talking about video advertising today!
Yes broadcast, print and another form of advertising works, but the internet is a very powerful tool to use
With the advent of YouTube, video trends and video advertisements have gone viral. Every day thousands of users upload, and view videos from all over the world, and perceptive companies have used this method to gain a competitive advantage over their counterparts.
One marketing idea that your business should consider
People would much rather click on a video and watch it than to open a text box with a description of the services you offer. And with an increase in electronic media capable devices such as laptops, television sets, gaming consoles, tablets, and cell phones they have less time to read and more time for interactive advertising. So shouldn’t you re-consider writing a tediously long description and consider a different method to communicate with your clients quickly and effortlessly with a million words?
We have made numerous video advertisements for many clients, but one of the things we have started doing at Mirari is to design video ads and share them through Whats-App. We have found this medium to be very effective in sharing business information. A mixture of originality, humor, and relevant information creates the perfect cocktail in a video advert.
The key is always humor
Always remember that consumers are looking for content and experiences that address their personal interests, it must feel like it was made for them. When this criterion has been met, people have an unusual urge to share. If your advert is communicating well to your clients, they will feel the need to share it with someone

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